Torontonians strongly oppose use of the notwithstanding clause

Nearly two-thirds of Toronto residents oppose Premier Doug Ford’s decision to use the notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Charter (otherwise known as the notwithstanding clause) to implement his plan to amputate the city council according to a Mainstreet Research poll.

The Superior Court invalidated the first bill to that effect from the Conservative government, which filed a second bill , while invoking the notwithstanding clause to avoid any other legal remedy.

The province is also appealing judgment .

According to the Mainstreet survey, 65% of respondents oppose the use of the notwithstanding clause (56% of them strongly oppose it).

Doubtless, Doug Ford is not on the right side of public opinion on the use of the notwithstanding clause.

Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Research

In addition, 55% of respondents disagree with Mr. Ford’s intention to reduce the number of board seats from 47 to 25.

For his part, the Conservative Prime Minister has always said that the public supports him and acts for the good of the people .

The survey was conducted on September 15 and 16 with 802 Torontonians. Its margin of error is 3.46%.

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