Minimum wage frozen at $14 in Ontario

The minimum wage in Ontario will not increase to $15 an hour in January, as was expected under the former Liberal government. Doug Ford’s Conservatives confirm they will keep it at $14 until further notice.

The increase [to $14 an hour last January] was hard to absorb [for businesses], so we pressed break , Labor Minister Laurie Scott said on Wednesday.

Until last January, the minimum wage was $ 11.40 in the province.

Minister Scott has given no timetable for any further increase in the minimum wage, even by 25 cents.

It merely said that the government was conducting consultations right now on the measures contained in Bill 148, which gave workers a minimum wage increase and the right to leave for personal emergency, among other things.

Scott promises more details this fall on the government’s plans.

Prime Minister Doug Ford promised in the election campaign to block the increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Jocelyne Bennett

Jocelyne Bennett is a general assignment reporter at Spruce Tribune. She has covered sports, entertainment and many other beats in her journalism career, and has lived in Hamilton for more than 6 years. Jocelyne has appeared periodically on national television shows and has been published in (among others) The National Post, Politico, The Atlantic, Harper’s,, Vice and

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