$159 flights between Mexico and British Columbia

The low-cost airline Swoop, a subsidiary of WestJet, will now offer flights to Mexico at $ 159 from Abbotsford, British Columbia, and $149 from Hamilton, Ontario.

Beginning in January 2019, travelers from Abbotsford will be able to fly on Swoop’s wings to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán, on the west coast of Mexico.

From Hamilton, it will be possible to travel to Cancún and Puerto Vallarta.

The airline says it is possible to book now for flights until April 2019.

Travelers will have the minimum, only one seat. Baggage, food or in-flight entertainment will be subject to additional charges.

A Boeing aircraft from Swoop Company. Photo: WestJet
A Boeing aircraft from Swoop Company. Photo: WestJet

Have A Backup Plan

Due to the volatility of the low-cost carrier market, consumers should have a plan B in case their flight is canceled, Marvin Ryder, assistant professor of marketing at the University’s DeGroote School of Business, warns.

Unlike other low-cost carriers like Jetlines and Flair, Swoop has the benefit of WestJet support, says Marvin Ryder.

“But it’s not unusual that, in the first few months, an airline adds or withdraws flights because they are experimenting with things,” he says.

So if you buy in the first year, it is possible that they cancel the reservation.

Marvin Ryder, Assistant Professor, DeGroote School of Management, McMaster University

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