Yes, the size of your penis counts (but not for the reason you think)

According to a very serious study, men who have a small penis are more likely to have fertility problems.

Gentlemen, sorry to disappoint you but the size of your penis does count. But not for what you think, no. Researchers at the University of Utah in the United States seem to have linked men with fertility concerns to those with small penises. The study involved 815 men from a clinic specializing in erectile dysfunction and difficulties in having children.

Experts believe that a difference of only one centimeter can have effects on fertility: men whose length of the penis (erect) is 13.4 centimeters on average would be less likely to have fertility problems than those whose penis measures 12.5 centimeters on average.

Should we worry?

“One centimeter may not be a striking difference, but the result of the statistics is clear: it remains to be determined whether there is a minimum threshold that could be able to predict more serious infertility,” says Dr Austen. Slade, at the head of this research. To be a fecund maximum, the size of the penis is not enough. Stress, smoking and exposure to chemicals promote infertility.

Should we worry about these results? No. The study does not allow for the moment to draw general conclusions. What’s more, she does not give a clear indication on the “normal” length of a penis and does not say from where a penis can be considered “small”.

Other studies were presented at the same symposium. These show, conversely, how to improve the chances of having a child. Although it’s not really new, they talked about some of the things to avoid, such as smoking, stress, or exposure to chemicals. Interesting indications that the rate of men being followed for infertility has increased by 700% in the last 15 years.

Marie Bram

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