Recreational Marijuana is Legal All over Canada Now

In exciting news, Recreational Marijuana became legal all over Canada at the stroke of midnight on the 17th of October. The legalization of the magic herb will cascade across every territory and province, as the whole country rejoices a ground breaking decision.

The drug has been legalized according to the Cannabis Act of the Canadian Constitution, which comes under effect from the 17th of October.

The act clearly states that recreational marijuana has been made legal and that people aged 18 years or older can possess less than 30 grams of the herb, in a non-dried form within public.

Canadians can now also share 30 grams of the drug with other adults, as there is a widespread wave of legalization across the country. The act also gives directions to people on how they can purchase the herb.

The act stipulates that people can purchase fresh or dried cannabis or cannabis oil from retailers that have provincial licenses. In the case that there is no brick-and-mortar retailer available, consumers can buy the drug online from federally licensed producers. These producers and retailers will only operate if they have a license with them.

Based on directions from the act, people can also grow up to 4 plants of cannabis at home from licensed seedlings. Consumers also have the right to make cannabis-infused drinks and foods at their home.

The act, however, does not show any leniency towards underage adults possessing cannabis. A person can be sent to jail for over 14 years, if they give or sell drugs to children aged less than 18. Using a youth to commit cannabis related crime will also lead to such a decision.

These new criminal offences have come in place along with the restrictions and govern the use of cannabis within the country.

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