This Time Tracking Software Company Helps A Gusto Customer Save Thousands Monthly On Their Payroll Costs

GPS time tracking app with geo-fencing technology from Boomr’s employee time tracking app saves pediatric therapy company 15% in payroll costs each month.

Boomr is a leading employee time tracking software startup with offices in San Diego, CA and Barcelona, Spain. Recently, Boomr published this case study, which highlighted the success story of Lara, the founder of Brain Harmony. The study revealed just how effective a GPS time tracking app can be on the bottom line when managing timesheets for a large team of remote workers.

Brain Harmony offers pediatric therapy for children with neurodevelopmental issues. They have three clinics located throughout the state of Florida and also offer home-based therapy sessions and online video coaching programs for patients seeking help around the country.

Lara faced some pretty sizable challenges when managing her remote team. A big one was keeping track of what her tasks her staff was actually doing when they worked remotely. Although her employees were submitting their timesheets manually for 40 hours per week – it was nearly impossible for her to know whether or not her employees were actually working on the assigned tasks or projects.

So, Lara sought out to find an employee time management solution that would better equip her business with the workforce management tools to track timesheets, tasks, locations, and more for all of her remote working staff. Choosing Boomr’s mobile time tracking app allowed Lara much more visibility into her staff’s productivity and to track all of the work hours for her remote employees via geofencing location technology. It also allowed her to create multiple productive tasks that remote workers could log their time against when they were not in appointments with patients. This meant employees could now be held accountable for their timesheets and tasks. It was a huge win for the business overall.

Easily integrated with Gusto for payroll reporting, Boomr’s employee time tracking software provided the ideal solution for helping to log Brain Harmony’s employee timesheets via their mobile phones and then store all the timesheet data in the cloud. The results? Brain Harmony now saves 15% per $20,000 semi-monthly payroll – which adds up to $6,000 per month. That’s a huge difference and allows them to invest that money saved into other areas of the business.

Boomr CEO, Matt Bowersox says, “Anytime we can help a small business save money on payroll that means we’re doing our job. We built Boomr to be intuitive and easy to implement for our users, but under the hood there is a tremendous amount of complex logic in place to help keep workforces accountable and our clients compliant with local, state and federal labor laws.”

Companies with remote workers can benefit greatly from these workforce management software features, as they allow for more accurate employee location tracking, task management, and payroll timesheets.

For more details on the benefits Boomr’s mobile time tracking software solutions offered the Brain Harmony team’s remote workers with modern, mobile employee timesheets, you visit today.

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