Angry Leftist Mob Storms inside Marsha Blackburn’s Campaign Rally alongside Lindsey Graham

Both Lindsey Graham and Marsha Blackburn attended a campaign event at Nashville, Tennessee, which was disrupted by half a dozen angry liberal protesters who resorted to the use of force and violence. The campaign was held inside a packed house at the Ray Stevens CabaRay Theater within Nashville.

Marsha Blackburn spoke to the crowd before it was infiltrated by the angry mob of left-wing protestors. It was when Blackburn called for a one minute of silence for those killed at the Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh that one protester started shouting at Blackburn. The fact that this protestor tried to get their point through the deserved silence for people killed at Pittsburgh speaks a lot about the intellect levels of Democrats. The address by Blackburn was further heckled by 5 other people, who were justifiably removed by the security personnel.

During the time these violent protestors came up, the people roared in favor of Marsha Blackburn, saying chants of ‘Jobs, Not Mobs!”

Blackburn released a statement soon afterward the event and mentioned, “This Sunday afternoon, the liberal angry mob made it clear they are active in Tennessee and will stop at nothing to disrupt civil political discourse. I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who were here today and kept everyone safe. The protesters at today’s event were absolutely appalling. They yelled ‘Impeach Trump.’ They kicked. They punched. They resisted law enforcement, and they interrupted a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh.”

She concluded her statement by mentioning, “Never in my life have I heard of people interrupting a moment of silence. Phil Bredesen is their leader and their behavior is despicable.”

Most of the protesters were duly removed from the arena before Graham, who was the featured speaker, came on.

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