Trump Has Record High Approval from Black Voters

With black unemployment rates rising, and the standard of living improving across pretty much the whole company, one would expect the minorities to be more in favor of Donald Trump, come the midterm elections. And that is exactly what is happening.

A group of Conservative African Americans have started a movement by the name of Blexit. The movement is meant to show the parting of ways between black voters and the Democrats. The movement itself has its name influenced by the decision by Britain to leave the European Union.

However, besides the conservative joining this movement, Trump’s approval ratings within Black voters have drastically gone up. The president is now a hot favorite for all black voters, who appreciate the hard work he is put in a failing economy.

The poll released October 29th mentioned that more than 40 percent of all black people interviewed said that they were happy with the performance of the president, and would love for him to stay in office. 58 percent were in disapproval, and said that they needed more evidence, before they can side with Trump.

The Blexit movement has already garnered huge support across the States, as black people have already started sharing their grievances and horrible experiences from their time with the Democrats. The movement currently aims to hold rallies across all major cities that have been destroyed by the seemingly peace-loving left.

The artwork for this movement has been designed by mogul Kanye West, who hasn’t been shy about his love for Trump and his policies. Back in August, the Rasmussen’s Daily put approval ratings for Donald Trump at 36 percent. These ratings have gone up by 4 percent, and will likely increase in the future as well, considering that Trump doesn’t discriminate while giving benefits.

Frank Sinjat

Based in Mississauga, Frank Sinjat is a Senior Editor at Spruce Tribune. Previously he has worked for SprotsNet and the Hockey News.   Frank is a graduate of Sports Recreation and Leisure at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. You can reach Fredrick via email or by phone

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