79 Percent of American Farmers are sticking with Trump

Democrats across the country are hoping for a blue wave of sorts to stop the good work that President Trump has been doing in his tenure. However, the ultimate decision lies in the hand of the masses, and people within the country have put their trust on the able shoulders of Donald Trump.

Agri Pulse, an industry publication, recently held a poll to analyze the response of American famers towards the midterm elections being held today. In what was a resounding result, the researchers found out that over Seventy Nine per cent of all farmers support or strongly support Donald Trump. The survey was done over a sample size of 600 commercial and ranch farmers. Conducted in the second half of October, the results of this poll have given great insight into what we can expect today.

Naturally, farmers from Republican backgrounds are far more supportive of Trump than the farmers from Democratic backgrounds. Over Ninety two percent of all Republican based farmers mentioned that they were extremely happy with Trump’s measures, while 33 percent of Democrats and 65 per cent of the Independents voted in his favor.

These results are a major disappointment for some Democrats who had wanted the effects from the pushback with China to show in the farmer’s approval of Donald Trump.

The steep tariff on U.S grown soybeans, among many other factors was expected to convince farmers to turn blue during the midterms.

However, this hasn’t worked, as the farmers still stand by their democratically elected president.

When asked which political party relates to you and your farming interests, 65 percent said it was the GOP compared to only 9 percent who selected Democrats,” reported Agri-Pulse.

Renata Clack

Renata Clack is a reporter for Spruce Tribune. She’s worked and interned at Glboal News Toronto  and CHECX. Renata is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe Cinnabon addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.

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