A Red or Blue Wave? Everything at Stake on Eve of Midterm Elections

Come Tuesday and voters will decide how they have reacted to the rather different and unique leadership style of Trump. If we go by numbers, President Trump has proven to be a revelation for the United States. He has strengthened the economy, taken major steps on the foreign front, and achieved way more than any president possibly can in 2 year’s time. Even with all of this, there is still a bit of doubt regarding the blue wave. The latest poll results all suggest the opposite. Even though Trump is expected to win big this Tuesday, but the left-centered media is suggesting otherwise.

Major strategic decision-makers from both parties have either confessed or seem confident that the GOP will clean sweep the elections, as it did in 2016.

However, the media is still trying to paint the blue wave as a decent possibility.

“I don’t think there’s a Democrat in this country that doesn’t have a little angst left over from 2016 deep down,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, which spent nearly $60 million to lend support to Democratic women this campaign season.

Statements like the one above and investments like the one above can be quite misleading. The audience at the Democrat campaigns has been far too little, but Trump has had a fair share of success with the people attending his rallies.

White men within the country support Republicans by 50 percent and the Democrats by 44 percent. This coupled with the fact that employment and wage rates for Black and Hispanic Americans are at record heights can increase the vote bank for the GOP as well.

Judging by how things have been going, one can expect the Midterm elections to be an even bigger sweep for the Republicans and the leadership of Donald Trump.

Frank Sinjat

Based in Mississauga, Frank Sinjat is a Senior Editor at Spruce Tribune. Previously he has worked for SprotsNet and the Hockey News.   Frank is a graduate of Sports Recreation and Leisure at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. You can reach Fredrick via email or by phone

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