Voters Head to the Polls in Critical Test for Donald Trump

Voters from across the country are ready to vote today and help Donald Trump in the critical test presented by the Midterm Elections. The Election Day, 11/6/18 is finally upon us, and many Americans are making their way to polling stations in a critical test for Trump.

Trump has had a successful midterm election campaign, as we saw the President go from state to state with his message of what is best for the United States. He has maintained his fiery stance in almost all of his speeches and has left no words unsaid for the midterm election campaign.

The message of Trump resonated among all Republican voters. “This whole thing with this caravan is pretty scary,” said Jennifer Rager, 55 years old, of Bozeman, Montana,.. “It just feels like he’s really trying to do a good job of protecting our country, you know? I can’t wrap my head around why the other side is so unhappy and so terrified.”

Republican voters across polling stations mentioned that they support their President and are glad that he has sent soldiers to the Mexican borders for stopping the caravan. The country, a voter said, “is more strong, confident and unified than it’s ever been, and most of the confidence and people feeling unified and patriotic again has come right before Trump got in and since he’s been in.” The voter further said, “We hate the media, because they’re the Democratic arm.”

Trump has shown a lot of hope to masses across the country, and these midterm elections will help him achieve the promises that he has made. Our president needs our support, and like many Republican voters are showing today, every vote in favor of Trump counts.

Jocelyne Bennett

Jocelyne Bennett is a general assignment reporter at Spruce Tribune. She has covered sports, entertainment and many other beats in her journalism career, and has lived in Hamilton for more than 6 years. Jocelyne has appeared periodically on national television shows and has been published in (among others) The National Post, Politico, The Atlantic, Harper’s,, Vice and

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