573 Attacks by Leftists against Conservatives Since 2016

The leftist media is hell-bent on a mission to paint the political right as violent and...
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Justin Trudeau Defends Move by Statistics Canada to Collect Banking and Personal Info of Over 500,000 Canadian Depositors

In a harrowing update, it has been revealed that Prime Minister Donald Trudeau has defended the...
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The U.S Economy Grows at the Fastest Rate in Over 4 Years

The Economy of the United States has grown at a breakneck pace during the quarter between...
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The young victim was rushed to Calgary Children's Hospital. Photo: CBC / James Young

Little girl killed by light rail in Calgary

A girl died Monday morning after being hit by a Calgary Transit train. The drama occurred at...
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A rock was placed into the child's mouth to stop it rising. Pic: David Pickel/Stanford

The tomb of a “vampire child” discovered in Italy

Archaeological excavations carried out in the Italian region of Umbria have uncovered the remains of a...
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This false information widely relayed online is based on exaggerated facts.

No, the Internet will not collapse for 48 hours

Many news sites report that the Internet could be floundering all over the world for the...
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Emilie Maheu, 26, has been missing since Thursday. Photo: Ontario Provincial Police

Discovery of a woman’s body in Eastern Ontario: police open an investigation

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has opened an investigation into the death after finding the body...
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Gynecologists concerned about the increase caesareans

The number of births by caesarean section has almost doubled in the world in 15 years,...
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BC and NS Smoke The Most Pot: Stats Canada

Nearly one-quarter of Nova Scotians, 23%, and 20% of those in British Columbia reported using cannabis...
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Lotto Max Results And Winning Numbers For Friday October 12

Once again there was no winning ticket sold for Friday’s massive $60 million Lotto Max jackpot.....
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