Abandoned Alligator Found at O’Hare

Late night commuters and travelers had an unexpected partner during their trek through Chicago on Friday, November 1. An unidentified woman left her two-foot long pet alligator on an escalator in O’Hare International Airport.

According to security camera footage and cell phone photographs taken by passengers, she first took the reptile on the Blue Line train between 1 and 2 a.m. She was later spotted with the alligator at the turnstiles leading from the trains into O’Hare.

Sources from the Chicago Transit Authority believe that the woman planned to take the lizard through customs, but changed her mind and instead left it in the terminal before boarding her flight.

The alligator was spotted by travelers and captured by airport staff. It has since been in the care of the Chicago Herpetological Society, whose representatives report that the animal is in poor condition and has little appetite.

Photos of the women have been widely shared via social media. She is being sought in connection with abandoning the animal, a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $1,000. The Chicago Transit Authority is asking that anyone with information about her identity contact them at 1-888-YOUR-CTA (1-888-968-7282) or feedback@transitchicago.com.

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