Six New West Nile Virus Cases in Manitoba

The province has detected six new cases of Nile virus in Manitoba, bringing to seven the number of confirmed cases reported so far this summer.

Three of the new cases were identified in the Interlake area, two in the Prairie Mountain Health Authority area, and one in the Winnipeg area.

The first case detected this summer was reported this month in the south of the province.

So far, two people have been hospitalized to treat their symptoms.

The risk remains high

The province reminds Manitobans that the mosquito season is not over yet and that the warm, dry weather is ideal for the development of West Nile virus-carrying Culex tarsalismosquitoes .

Tips from the province to protect yourself from mosquitoes:

  • reduce the time spent outdoors between sunset and sunrise;
  • use an appropriate mosquito product
  • wear loose, light colored clothing
  • keep window screens and windows tight and free of holes.

According to Manitoba Health, the number of mosquitoes remains high throughout southern Ontario, and the risk of exposure to the virus will remain high in the coming weeks.

Culex tarsalis mosquitoes usually feed between dusk and dawn, and their bites often go unnoticed. They will feed more and more early in the next few days, when the days will shorten.

Tips to reduce the number of mosquitoes around the house:

  • clean gutters and regularly empty objects that collect and hold water;
  • ensure that rain barrels are covered with a mosquito net and securely sealed around the downspout;
  • improve landscaping to prevent stagnant water around the house;
  • Mow the lawn and regularly cut all vegetation around busy areas.

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