The personal data of 20,000 Air Canada customers threatened by a security breach

The personal information of some 20,000 Air Canada customers who use the airline’s mobile application has been hacked. The payment information would not be included in the package.

In an email to its customers, the company says the data “may have been accessed improperly” through a flaw in its smartphone software.

The possible hacking of data took place between August 22nd and 24th.

As a result of this intrusion, Air Canada has locked the accounts of all of its 1.7 million users until they change their password.

The application stores basic information such as the user’s name, email address and phone number, all of which could end up in the hands of hackers.

If users had entered a credit card number to make purchases, this information is encrypted and therefore protected, assured Air Canada.

When disclosure is risky

Other important personal information, such as an Aeroplan Rewards Program account number, passport number, Nexus Border Program account number, frequent flyer number, gender, date of birth, nationality, the expiry date of the passport, the country of issue of the passport, as well as the country of residence, could have been consulted if this data had been stored on the mobile application.

According to the Canadian government, as long as users still have a valid passport and other necessary documents, there is little chance that another person will re-apply for a passport on their behalf.

In the email sent by Air Canada, the company finally said that if the Aeroplan account number could be recovered by hackers, the password to access the service, it was not stored on the application mobile and is therefore not threatened.

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