Amazonian fruit can prevent obesity: Canadian study

The consumption of camu-camu extracts, a fruit from the Amazon, prevents obesity in mice fed a diet rich in sugars and fat, according to a study conducted by researchers at Laval University and the University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology of Quebec.

This discovery, the details of which were recently published in the scientific journal Gut, could lead camu-camu to play a leading role in the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases.

Camu-camu contains 20 to 30 times more vitamin C than kiwi and five times more polyphenols than blackberries.

Researchers submitted two groups of mice to a diet high in sugars and fat for eight weeks. Half of these mice received daily camu-camu extracts. At the end of the experiment, weight gain in camu-camu mice was 50 percent lower than that observed in control mice and similar to weight gain in mice consuming low-sugar and high-fat diets. lipids. According to the researchers, the anti-obesity effect of camu-camu is explained by an increase in the basic metabolism of the mice receiving the extracts.

The researchers also found that camu-camu improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. In addition, it reduces the concentration of endotoxin in the blood and the inflammatory response.

The head of the study, Professor André Marette of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University, explained that all “these changes are accompanied by a reconfiguration of the gut microbiota.”

Gut microbiota transplantation from mice in the camu-camu group to mice without gut microbiota temporarily reproduced the same metabolic effects as taking camu-camu extracts, he added. It is therefore through the intestinal microbiota that camu-camu would produce its positive effects on metabolism.

Dr. Marette now wants to see if camu-camu produces the same metabolic effects in humans.

Camu-camu extracts are already marketed to combat fatigue and stress and to stimulate the immune system.

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