Thousands of Airbnb rentals are still illegal a few hours before the deadline

Residences rented on the Airbnb platform that do not have the required license imposed by the City of Vancouver will be illegal starting Saturday. On the eve of the application deadline, more than 2,000 housing ads are still available without a license, according to a data analysis.

According to Jens von Bergmann, director of the MountainMath Software modeling and data visualization company, there are still thousands of short-term rentals in Vancouver that are without a license, and others, whose license is questionable.

I think some offenders delude themselves into thinking that these rules do not apply to them.

Jens von Bergmann, Data Analysis, Director of MountainMath Software
Fraudulent rentals

After an analysis of data on the Airbnb site, Jens von Bergmann said he discovered that almost half of the 4690 homes offered do not provide a license number.

Since short-term housing rentals are governed by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Vancouver and Airbnb last April, the units listed must hold an annual license of $ 49, which has a registration fee of $ 54.

Owners who do not comply with the new regulations will be liable to a fine of $ 1000 per day of infraction. However, Jens von Bergmann noticed that some permit numbers were being used for several homes.

Nearly 700 owners have more than one active list, he said. One of them even has 36!

Jens von Bergmann, Director of MountainMath Software

In a written statement, Airbnb announced that it would disable all ads that do not have a license, but according to its agreement with the City, the company is not responsible for removing fraudulent listings from its site .

The City of Vancouver declined to comment on Mr. von Bergmann’s numbers, but indicated that it would provide an update next week on the short-term rental program when full and after-date data will be available. available.

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