Automobile prices: Most dealers do not respect the law

Be careful when you buy a car, the price in the advertisement, on posters or even on the mirror, must include everything. It has been the law in Ontario since 2010.

An Ontario Motor Vehicle Trade Council (COCVA) investigation shows that more than half of the car dealerships visited in Toronto are breaking the law on the price of their cars.

We surveyed 50 new car dealers in Toronto and found that 29 of them tried to charge more than the advertised price, which is illegal.

Terry O’Keefe, spokesperson for the Ontario Motor Vehicle Trade Board

Many motorists are not even aware of this law and it is for this reason that the Council decided to launch an advertising campaign to remedy the situation.

What consumers are advised to do is take a picture of the advertisement and present it to the dealer , says O’Keefe. If the seller does not respect the price displayed, you are asked to report it and then we encourage you to go shopping elsewhere.

According to Mr. O’Keefe, the consumer should not have to guess how many thousands more his vehicle will actually cost.

For healthy competition

The association representing used car salesmen, the UCDA , believes that the law ensures healthy competition.

The law is not too strict; it is necessary. One of the problems is the lack of information from sellers who are unfamiliar with the law.

Jim Hamilton, Director of Legal Services, Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA)

Since the beginning of 2018, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Trade Council has imposed fines on 10 dealers who did not comply with the All Inclusive Display Act. The fine can be as high as $ 25,000.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council may also withdraw the license to sell companies that do not comply with the law even after being notified of the problem.

The All Inclusive Display Act does not apply to major automakers, because of an exemption adopted by the Ontario government in 2010.

According to COCVA , paid advertising by manufacturers can mislead consumers and also sellers.

The UCDA would like the province to change the law to make it mandatory for manufacturers to display the all inclusive price.

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