Emissions handling at Volkswagen did not only concern diesel vehicles

Volkswagen engineers told investigators that some gas engines on VW, Audi and Porsche vehicles also allowed for handling of CO2 emission test results.

Contacted by Spruce Tribune, a spokesman for Volkswagen, the parent company of Audi and Porsche, said it would not comment on ongoing investigations.

According to Bild, who cites internal documents and witness statements, the gearboxes and software on certain gasoline vehicles could be manipulated to artificially lower the results of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption tests.

This development, if confirmed, could bring into a new dimension the scandal of emissions , which has cost nearly $41 billion in fines and penalties to the car group for systematic manipulation of emissions tests of its models diesel.

That said, Volkswagen admitted in 2015 that nearly 36,000 gasoline vehicles controlled by a neutral body had shown minor variations from the expected results. The German manufacturer had not been put on notice to make technical changes to these cars.

Bild does not specify whether it is a new case or whether it is the same vehicles.

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