PEI Testing Electric Buses

Silent and emissions free, this could be the future of the bus park in Prince Edward Island’s Capital Region.

A fully electric bus from Canadian manufacturer New Flyer is currently being tested in the streets of Charlottetown and its suburbs Cornwall and Stratford.

After two days of testing, T3 Transit Regional Vice President Matthew Cassidy is already convinced that the electric bus is a good choice .

I was surprised to see how [the bus] is quiet. One of our drivers said it was the best vehicle he had a chance to drive.

Matthew Cassidy, Vice President of T3 Transit

The autonomy of New Flyer’s Xcelsior Charge bus, estimated at around 300 kilometers on a single charge, would be sufficient for Charlottetown and its suburbs, where journeys are relatively short, according to Matthew Cassidy.

Cornwall City Councilor Peter Meggs is also excited. It would be an interesting prospect for the future of public transit , he says.

The purchase price for an electric bus is about $ 1 million, which is double the price of a combustion model.

T3 Transit renewed its bus fleet in 2016 with the acquisition of a dozen used vehicles from the City of Calgary, Alberta. These buses have a useful life of about five years, according to the carrier.

At the time, the federal transit infrastructure funding formula, based on goodwill, did not allow the island capital to purchase new buses.

This time, MP Sean Casey ensures that Ottawa funding will be there. It is already decided, it is already in place , insists the elected of Charlottetown. The federal government’s investments in infrastructure are part of the $ 366-million, 10-year, bilateral agreement that was signed about a month ago.

There is still no timetable or budget for the replacement of T3 Transit buses.

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