Speed ​​limit in Calgary could go from 50 to 30 km/h

Councilor Druh Farrell wants to reduce the speed limit in all residential neighborhoods in Alberta. She made a motion to that effect to the elected officials of Calgary. A vote on the issue is expected on September 10th.

The advisor’s main argument in support of this motion is the reduction of pedestrian fatalities.

Calgarians want safer streets, and reducing speed limits within neighborhoods is a solution. It is a wise investment to make walking more secure, especially since pedestrian accidents cost society $ 120 million a year.

Druh Farrell, Ward 7 District Councilor

Figures to support

The councilor’s office quotes statistics from the World Health Organization: 90% of pedestrians caught at 30 km / h survive. This proportion decreases significantly with the increase in the speed of cars.

He also indicated that the amendment would extend the average daily commute of Calgarians by less than 1 minute because the proposed motion does not affect “collector roads, arterials, parkways and industrial roads”.

“Reducing the speed limit to 30 km / h on less busy residential streets is an emerging international practice over the last seven years,” said District 9 Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra.

According to him, the reduction is only the first step in a process that will transform the streets of Calgary. 

In 2016, City Council approved a new pedestrian coaching strategy. At the time, however, he rejected the study on speed limit reduction in residential areas.

A proposal that is not unanimous

The councilor of Ward 2, Sean Chu, intends to oppose this proposal, which he considers too radical. “The vast majority of fatal accidents occur on collector roads,” he explains, “where the speed limit will not even be changed by the proposal. “

According to him, city council should take into consideration the fact that the increase in travel time, although negligible, accumulates for every motorist every day. He also notes that the vehicles are more energy efficient at 50 km / h rather than 30. This measure will increase CO2 emissions, he believes.

He says he has received many messages from citizens asking him to vote against the motion. The latter, however, is supported by five other councilors and the mayor, which means that it will probably be approved.

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