Broncos Foundation raises more than $ 3.4 million

A Humboldt Broncos Foundation in Saskatchewan has raised more than $3.4 million since the closure of the GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign.

Funds from the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation help victims, but also those directly affected by the accident, such as families or rescuers.

“We are still amazed at the massive support we received in response to the tragedy of April 6,” says Darrin Duell, who chairs the board of the foundation.

That day, a semi truck hit the coach of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team near Nipawin. The accident cost the lives of 16 people, including 10 players on the team. Thirteen others were injured to varying degrees.

According to Mr. Duell, part of the $3.4 million was distributed, including to pay for housing costs for families whose children were being treated at the hospital away from home. The foundation’s board of directors will be meeting soon to decide how best to distribute the money over the long term.

The GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign stopped raising funds for the Broncos in April. It has raised approximately $15 million from Canada and 80 countries.

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