Group Wants To See Calgary Host 2026 Olympics

“Are you for or are you against Calgary hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games? ” This is the question that Calgarians will have to answer , in a referendum on 13 November. But by the time the vote is held, the question divides. It is mainly the financial aspect of the project that is currently the subject of debate.

According to the Yes Calgary group, which supports the coming of the Olympic Games, the organization of the sports event would cost a total of $5.8 billion.

Estimate of costs presented by the yes camp

  • $2.5 billion: Operating Costs
  • $1.1 billion: Facilities and Infrastructure
  • $  billion: Security
  • $1 billion: Housing (Olympic Village)
  • $0.2 billion: Maintenance and Conservation of Olympic Facilities after the Games

Total: $5.8 billion

The financial forecast, presented Thursday, was estimated using sources such as the organizers of the Vancouver Games and Calgary’s bid exploration committee, the group said. The yes camp also predicts that the sale of the tickets could bring in $350 million and that sponsorship revenues would reach $ 900 million.

Can we trust these estimates?

“Hard to say,” says councilor Druh Farrell. She opposes the Olympic bid project and believes that Calgarians need a more accurate estimate to make an informed decision.

The numbers, just unveiled, are the first to circulate since the tabling of the report of the committee to explore the possibility of the candidacy of Calgary, last year. That committee then presented an estimate of $ 4.6 billion for the organization of the Games.

Next week, the committee must submit an updated estimate to City Council. The elected representatives will then have to decide whether or not the application should be maintained. If the council votes no, the November 13 referendum will not take place.


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