Smoking herbal tea to stop smoking

The Quebec government has just granted funds to Nathalie Turenne to develop the herbal product of her company NatiZeb, which is supposed to help fight tobacco addiction.

There is a new smoking herb on the Quebec market and no, it is not cannabis, but concoctions of herbal tea that can be smoked.

It was in her hometown of Winnipeg that a friend of Nathalie Turenne gave her some herbs to buy at a shop in a hippie neighborhood of the city.

Once in Montreal, Ms. Turenne found no equivalent. She then decided to make her own mixtures with herbs bought from herbalists.

Over the years, it piqued the curiosity of her friends who recommended her to market the product.

“I realized there was a demand for that, there was a market for it, but there are not many offers in that market,” she says. . Her first batch sold like hotcakes, says the Winnipegoise.

Leaves of marshmallow, raspberry, peppermint, sage, lemon balm or labrador tea are all ingredients in Nathalie Turenne’s smoking herb mix. She believes that eating these herbs instead of tobacco can help people quit smoking.

Health Canada Constraints

“It is certain that in order to obtain funding from the [Quebec] government, I had to demonstrate that it’s all in the rules … I realized that no one has made a request to Health Canada to make certify this kind of product, “she says.

“They decided it’s a natural health product if it’s a grass-based cigarette. Health Canada recognizes the potential of harm reduction, “says Turenne.

“They think it’s not necessarily good to smoke anything, except it’s a lot less harmful than smoking. There is no tobacco, there is no nicotine in there, “she adds.

At the end of the approval process, she wants to sell herbs as an alternative to tobacco.

use with cannabis?

For now, Nathalie Turenne sells samples of her product in a few smokers’ accessories stores and some herbalists in Montreal. A new market opens for her on October 19, that of cannabis smokers. That’s when cannabis will become legal in Canada.

She says that many smokers of this euphoric plant mix it with tobacco. Herbal tea would be a less dangerous alternative and can improve the taste of cannabis, according to Ms. Turenne.

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