A tour boat and a humpback whale collided in Nova Scotia waters last week

A tour boat and a humpback whale collided in Nova Scotia waters last week.

One of the passengers, David Mulder, published on social media a video recording of the incident that occurred on September 2, according to him.

We see the big marine mammal dive close to the inflatable boat. His tail hits the edge of the boat during the dive.

It was a hit rather than a hit, according to Guy Melville, the boat’s captain, an employee of Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises.

He claims that the engine of the boat was stopped at the time of the facts, that the boat was stationary, and that the whale approached it.

A buffer zone of 100 meters to respect

The federal government has imposed a new rule this year prohibiting tour boats, among others, to approach within 100 meters of marine mammals.

The purpose of the measure is to protect these species, including the North Atlantic right whale, which is endangered.

Companies offering whale watching tours have welcomed the new rule. They said that their boats could still be near whales if the whales approached them.

Employees from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans who saw the video recording say that it is difficult to determine the exact sequence and context of the event.

The department recognizes that marine animals may inadvertently approach humans or boats. He recalls that under his regulations, any contact between a boat or fishing equipment and a marine mammal must be reported to him.

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