An incomprehensible road sign puzzles Nova Scotia

Motorists traveling on the south coast of Nova Scotia must feel a bit lost through Port Mouton: an incomprehensible road sign has recently appeared near the village along Highway 103.

The sign is located near Exit 21, about 140 kilometers southwest of Halifax.

It is an overlay of several road signs from New Brunswick and Maine and fragments of text in French and English, sometimes upside down. We can see references to roads, exits and cities, but the whole thing is illegible.

Even the ministry is confused

According to the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation, the sign was revealed in late August by the disappearance of a sign from a hotel in the Best Western chain.

“I believe they have removed their sign to change their logo,” says Marla McInnis, a spokeswoman for the Department of Transport.

She said she was not sure if the disparate collage of road signs had been under the sign for a long time, or if it was placed there temporarily by the hotel after the ad was removed.” I’m not sure what they’re doing,” she admits.

The spokesperson said the Ministry of Transportation is trying to contact Best Western about this.

“We admit that this can be confusing,” says McInnis.

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