Hundreds of families without child care following floods in Maple Ridge

The rain that hit Maple Ridge, BC on Friday caused significant damage to a daycare center and children’s development center, providing services to nearly 600 families. The building housing both facilities will have to be closed for at least two to three months due to flooding.

“With the exception of a few spaces, the building was completely flooded with black water, contaminated water,” says Ridge Meadows Development Center Director Trish Salisbury.

According to her, the floors and important parts of the wall will have to be replaced: “Our equipment has also been damaged and the daycare has lost cradles, toys and furniture.”

Approximately 200 families use Start Smart’s child care and preschool services, while nearly 400 other families attend the Ridge Meadows Children’s Development Center.

“It’s really a blow for 600 families in the community whose services are going to be limited, maybe even stopped for a while,” says Salisbury.

Both the daycare and the development center are looking for a new space to continue providing services to these families until the repairs are completed.

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