Arizona man arrested after faking Down Syndrome

An Arizona man is under arrest after Police say he tricked caregivers into bathing him while pretending to suffer from Down syndrome. 31-year-old Paul Anthony Mencha was arrested at his parents’ home in Gilbert, Arizona after several female caregivers became suspicious.

According to police, Menchaca posed as a woman named “Amy” on CareLinx, a jobsite for families to find licensed in-home care professionals. On the site he claimed to be a mother who needed help bathing and changing her adult sons’ diapers.

All three women claim that Menchaca would become sexually aroused while being bathed, even going so far as to tell them they needed to clean his genitals better. The alleged incidents occurred more than 30 times since May.

Investigators say Menchaca would even send the women texts posing as “Amy”, telling the women to meet him at local coffee shops or restaurants where he would ask them to change his dirty diapers in the bathroom.

The victim’s began to grow suspicious about his needs and ultimately confronted Menchaca. He eventually admitted to lying about having Down syndrome and that he didn’t need to wear a diaper. The women then alerted authorities, who after a search of the home and interviews with Menchaca’s parents determined it was all an elaborate hoax.

Menchaca is charged with sexual abuse and fraudulent schemes.

The Washington Post

Las Vegas Review Journal

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