Toronto Woman’s Home Invaded By Horde Of Raccoons

When Toronto resident Jenny Serwylo awoke to the sounds of commotion, it was about 1 AM. Upon hearing strange noises coming from her kitchen, she rushed in and found a scene that was both adorable and appalling at the same time. Her kitchen had been taken over by a pack of hungry raccoons. And worse, they didn’t want to leave!

As she began shooing them away, she found that at least one of them was unafraid. This particular raccoon had grabbed some tortillas, and he was determined to finish his meal. According to Serwylo, this creature simply ducked behind the toaster oven and continued to enjoy his meal. As he peeked out from behind his hiding place, Jenny Serwylo snapped a picture that has become something of a sensation on social media.

Why do people respond to this? Perhaps because Toronto has a lot of raccoons. In recent years, the problem has become so bad that Toronto Mayor John Tory has “declared war on raccoon nation.” While this proclamation was meant as a joke, it does show that there is a large and growing sector of the population that is growing fed up with the nuisance of having to deal with these animals. In reality, the city did nothing more than design a new kind of trash bin to keep the little creatures from making such a mess. We all know how raccoons love to dig in the garbage of humans, so it’s no surprise that this issue would become a problem.

Of course, the flip side of this is that Raccoons are considered native wildlife, and like most cities, Toronto doesn’t have a whole lot of resident wildlife. Conservationists and environmentalists see the raccoon as part of the city’s ecosystem. The authorities have also apparently decided that their furry, sneaky friends are not to be removed.

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