Black Bear Photographed Cannibalizing Another Bear In B.C.

Mike Robertson, who works as a consultant for a Central British Columbia First Nation, is used to seeing bears as part of his duties. However, he was shocked this week when he saw a black bear devouring another.

Cheslatta Carrier National Councilor regularly flies over the area aboard a helicopter to assess the damage caused by forest fires this summer.

This week, he saw from the air what he thought were two dead bears. As the helicopter approached, the crew found that it was actually a black bear leaning over the corpse of another black bear, his mouth full of blood.

According to the British Columbia Conservation Authority, bears often become more aggressive as winter approaches, as they prepare to overwinter. The service indicates that it is not totally unusual for a bear to eat another animal of its kind.

Mike Robertson, meanwhile, believes the province’s wildlife is becoming more and more bizarre, attributed to forest fires that have ravaged a record area of ​​British Columbia this summer.

“They are certainly under stress because of fires and lack of food,” he says. Much of their environment has been completely destroyed by the flames. ”

In recent years, polar bears and grizzlies have been seen devouring their fellow humans.

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