Two Vancouver Police Officers Charged With Assault

Several Downtown Eastside residents accuse two Vancouver police officers of assault and harassment, while a legal organization posted their photos on the internet and launched a poster campaign on downtown streets to reap more testimonials.

The officers in question participated in the raid of a downtown shop to seize products containing cannabis.

Since a video of this raid was published on the web, the legal body Pivot Legal Society began to receive complaints about the two police officers.

Lawyers from the organization printed posters with police photos to solicit more testimonials about them. Since then, lawyers say they have received information from dozens of people. The allegations range from harassment to physical assault.

The booth organizers said they were distributing products to opioid users as a treatment option.

A formal complaint will soon be filed with the Vancouver Police Service (VPD).

When we try to maintain a certain order so that the neighborhood is safe for everyone, we are criticized and when we do nothing and the neighborhood becomes more chaotic, we are also criticized.

Tom Stamatakis, President of the Vancouver Police Union

The Vancouver Police Union Union criticizes the poster campaign for saying that the police investigation is irresponsible and that they have never had any problems with these two agents.

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