Woman finds dead tortoise in her vagina

Can A Dead Tortoise Survive inside a Woman’s Vagina
According to a recent article in the New York Post, A British woman was questioned by officials in Spain after a shocking discovery.
Reportedly, a dead tortoise was found inside the woman’s vagina. After suffering from severe pain in her genital area, this woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from an infection caused by reptiles.

The woman claims that the pain started shortly after a trip she had with a couple of her friends in El Periodico. The Medical center accredited with the discovery has been reported by Spanish newspapers as El Mojon, located in Arona. Police sources in Tenerife have confirmed the story was true as they were asked to conduct an investigation into how this phenomenon occurred.

The Human vagina contains tons of bacteria called Vaginal Flora. These flora can act as a breeding habitat for certain types of living organisms. As painful as the experience was, the British woman has absolutely no idea how something that looked like a tortoise ended up in her genital area.
The actual size of the reptile has not been revealed but experts suggest that it couldn’t have been extremely large.

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