Sydeny woman struck by car after dispute over breakfast sandwich

A Cape Breton couple’s argument over a wrongly placed order leaves a mother severely injured and family dog dead.

Earlier this year on January 11, 2018, a Sydney, N.S., woman was hit by an out-of-control car while waiting at the bus stop with her five-year-old daughter.

Angelique Swann, 37, and her dog, Link, was suddenly struck by a 2007 Chev Cobalt. Swann plummeted into the windshield, bouncing off of a house, and ultimately landing on the ground. Her dog, Link, was killed in the accident. Swann however miraculously survived, sustaining four broken vertebrae in her neck, a skull fracture, and broken ribs. She also suffered from muscle and tissue damage in her legs.

“I was thrown into the windshield, from there bounced into the house and that’s when I landed onto the ground. And I knew it was a serious accident because I couldn’t lift my head or move, or anything,” Swann says.

Asylynn Kaiser, the driver, was berated by her boyfriend, Zachery David Mackenzie who was upset over a wrongly placed order of a breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s. Mackenzie’s outburst drove him to jerk the wheel from Kaiser, causing the car to go out-of-control, and hitting Swann, her dog, and then hitting a house.

After the accident, Mackenzie fled the scene only to turn himself in a few hours later.

Mackenzie, 25, was sentenced this Thursday and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing bodily harm and fleeing the scene of an accident. Mackenzie was sentenced to a five month and three week jail sentence, a year of probation, and a two year driving ban.

Despite what happened, Swann holds no resentment towards the couple.

“I really do wish them well. I really hope that this experience maybe makes them better people at the end of it,” she said.


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