Canadian Tech Company Kinky S Dolls Facing Problems Setting Up Robot Sex Brothel In Texas

Is Houston Ready for Robot Sex Brothel; the Resistance Intensifies?

Canadian based company Kinky S Dolls is trying to set up a robot sex brothel in Houston, and that has caused an outrageous uproar among locals. The Mayor of the city, Sylvester Turner, according to an email that he sent to the Fox news, is not pleased with the pioneering business prospect in his jurisdiction. He specifically said that he would not like, as an individual and a public officer, to have such a business operating in Houston, and the city even halted the construction of the company’s proposed premises.

Yuval Gavriel, the owner of the kinky business, refuted the claims that KinySdollS’ plan was to establish a brothel. Instead, he claimed that it was a showroom that would facilitate potential customers to test robot sex dolls that are up for sale and letting. For an hour of sexual encounters with the robots, clients will be charged 60 dollars while the full purchase prices of the dolls range from 2,500-10,000 dollars.

Houston orders halt to 'robot sex brothel'
Houston orders halt to ‘robot sex brothel’

The prospect raised a serious moral and legal debate, and a majority of the locals disapproved of the plans. According to KTRK, some of the locals were concerned about the influence that the business would have on their children. However, Gavriel protests the idea, and he finds it weird that the city opposed such arrangements as the Kinky S Dolls Houston branch would be located right next to a strip club. He claims that men would face lesser moral evil objectifying objects rather than the real women at strip clubs.

The mayor’s office is fully engaging its legal department to update or formulate ordinances that can effectively regulate or restrict that form of business. As it stands, Texas has no laws forbidding the practice, and that is a critical reason as to why KinySdollS targeted Houston in the first place. However, Congress already voted to ban the distribution of sex dolls that resemble children.

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