Iraqi model Tara Fares is shot dead in Baghdad

“Her only crime was choosing life in the wrong place.” Two days after the death of Tara Fares, a former Miss Iraq and Miss Baghdad, shot dead in the heart of Baghdad, indignation continues to grow in Iraq.

On Thursday, while she was on the streets of the Iraqi capital, driving her red-seat Porsche, the 22-year-old was hit by “three fatal shots,” according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

The spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Seif al Badr, said in a brief statement that “a hospital in Baghdad today received the body of Tara Fares, who had several bullet wounds.”

On social networks, a video that was captured right after the fact quickly circulated. Resumed by several local media, it shows the alleged perpetrator of the shots leaning at the window of a white Porsche, then runs away to a scooter where an accomplice is waiting for him.

If an investigation was opened Friday and must determine the circumstances of the tragedy, the netizens, had quickly suspected the way of life of the young woman to be at the origin of his assassination.

On Instagram, Taras Fares, who had a time in Europe after his titles Miss, posted without complex, for its 2.7 million subscribers, photos of his tattoos, his outfits and his lifestyle. A freedom that earned him the wrath of detractors, female and male, in this country still very conservative.


Since the announcement of her death, tributes rain on social networks. “His only crime was to have chosen life, in the wrong place,” a Web surfer was tweeting. “Thursday was Tara […] Next Thursday, who will it be? Where is Iraq going? “Added another.

“The one who finds an excuse for those who kill a girl just because she has decided to live like most girls on the planet is complicit in her murder,” said Ahmad al-Basheer, an exiled satirist in Jordan.

Beauty Contest Winner

Fares became famous for being a finalist in a beauty contest organized nationally by local associations in 2014, with the intention of giving an image of normalcy at a time when a large part of Iraq was occupied by the terrorist group Islamic State (EI ).

The young woman, born in 1996 of an Iraqi father and a Lebanese mother, is one of the Iraqi women with the most followers in social networks, in which she published photos of her fashion shows and her personal life.

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