BC village isolated from world after landslide

The only road that gives access to the small community of Old Fort in northeastern British Columbia is cut off due to a landslide.

The Yellowhead Highway provides access to the 30 houses located just south of Fort St. John.

North Peace Operations Operations Manager Rodney Hafner says he alerted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Sunday morning. He believes it will take several days to repair the road that has been completely rutted.

“The soil is still moving slowly,” says Rodney Hafner. “Nothing can be done while the ground is moving. ”

According to him, landslides are common in this region, but this situation is peculiar since it affects a small community that has only one access.

“We will have to work with a lot of equipment, and the task is great,” he says.

A landslide near Old Fort isolated about 30 homes. Photo: YRB North Peace / Facebook
A landslide near Old Fort isolated about 30 homes. Photo: YRB North Peace / Facebook

Landslide Big Enough To Take Down Trees

Sheldon Kropiniski lives in Old Fort with his wife and two sons. He says the landslide is about 90 meters wide and is large enough to have engulfed trees.

“Trees broke and we could hear them cracking. It was like that all day, “he says.

“This landslide will cause us a lot of trouble, but these problems are not comparable to those caused by forest fires,” adds Sheldon Kropiniski.

The Peace River Regional District had letters delivered to the residents of Old Fort asking them not to leave. An emergency center was also opened in the city.

Only two houses received an evacuation order.

The landslide is located one kilometer from the east entrance of Site C. According to a tweet from BC Hydro, there is no evidence that this slippage is caused by Site C’s work.

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