Man Wins A Million Bucks On Mega Millions With Fortune Cookie Numbers

Pennsylvania Man Wins A Million Bucks With Fortune Cookie Numbers
Ronnie Martin, a resident of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, has been playing the same lottery numbers for years. This may not seem particularly odd or unique, but this story has an interesting twist. Ronnie Martin had so much faith that his fortune would come true that he resolved to continue playing the same numbers until they paid off. During a recent trip to New Jersey, this dedication paid off at last, to the tune of one million dollars.

Mr. Martin regularly commutes to New Jersey for work purposes. During his regular stop at US Gas in Warren County, he played his fortune cookie numbers once again. When he stopped in the next day he realized to his extreme shock that he had won the jackpot, matching every single number except the mega ball. For those who might be curious, the winning numbers were 1,2,4,19, and 29. The odds of matching these five numbers correctly are about 12.6 million to 1.

Mega Millions $1,000,000 winner used fortune cookie numbers
Mega Millions $1,000,000 winner used fortune cookie numbers

Several Reddit users have already made claims of being Mr. Martin’s long-lost brother, even arguing with one another for the right to make the claim. While these claims are largely intended for humor, it stands to reason that Ronnie Martin should be careful and guard his money against potential scammers.

Mr. Martin was not the only big winner that day. A group of co-workers in San Jose, California managed to match all six numbers, winning a jackpot of $543 million. 7 other tickets across the nation also matched five numbers and won a million as well. One of these was Bruce Shaffer, another New Jersey resident from Camden County.

Ronnie Martin and his wife are ecstatic about their big win. They have said that they plan to pay off the mortgage on their home, pay up their bills, and put the rest in savings.

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