Meatable – Lab Grown Meat Without Killing Animals

There is an increasing trend towards looking at a more humane way of having meat remain the mainstay and staple of food without slaughtering animals and creating vast amounts of CO2.

While many companies have created plant based “Mock Meat” that have soared in popularity over the last decade, very few companies have been able to create meat type protein based on animals without killing the animal. However, there is one such company known as Meatable, that believes they have finally mastered a way.

Meat Without Killing Animals

Meatable is a Dutch based company that has worked extensively with scientists to create a lab grown meat that has all the consistency, flavor and properties of regular meat without killing animals. This new technology is based on the use of animal stem cells.

The company has stated that their technology allows them to harvest stem cells from animals without removing tissue from living animals. If this is accurate, it would be the least invasive method for stem cell harvesting in the lab grown meat industry.

A new lab-grown meat startup may have overcome a key barrier to making meat without slaughter
A new lab-grown meat startup may have overcome a key barrier to making meat without slaughter

The Process of Creating Lab Grown Meat

According to a Business Insider article, Meatable believes they have mastered the process of creating a type of meat “brewery”. In these breweries stem cells from an animal such as a pig or a cow would be grown and multiplied in vats.

Once these cells have matured enough, they would be harvested and turned into hamburger, steaks, sausage, chicken and pork. There are currently several companies across the globe that are known as Lab-grown meat start-up companies.

Until Meatable’s assertions of a new process, there has been significant problems in making vats of meat proteins without killing any animals. One of the main issues is that the food for the cells that makes them multiply comes from slaughtered animals.

Since the focus has been to make meat without slaughtering animals, the goal is to create meat with harvested live stem cells. Meatable believes they have mastered this technology. Through the use of a non-serum-based protein called pluripotent stem cells in their lab process they believe they are well on their way. These stem cells have the ability to turn into any type of cell including fat or muscle cells without the use of serum by using a new proprietary technology. The key will be seeing if this works on a mass production basis.

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