Canada Post Increases Wages In Effort To Avoid Strike

Canada Post has presented new global offers to its unionized employees in hopes of avoiding a labor dispute as the high season of online shopping approaches.

These proposals were made in the wake of high-level discussions over the weekend to break the deadlock.

Counter-offers include “pay and benefits improvements and opportunities for temporary and part-time workers,” said Canada Post.

Negotiations with the union representing some 50,000 workers had gotten bogged down in recent weeks, mainly on the issue of wages and working conditions.


If the 42,000 urban factors and the 8,000 factors in the suburbs and rural areas do not reach an agreement with the Crown corporation, a strike or lockout would be triggered after a 72-hour notice.

Any labor dispute at this time of year could threaten parcel deliveries for the holiday season.

Canada Post says it delivered about 1 million parcels a day during the holidays last year, up 20% from 2016.

The Crown Corporation says its new offerings reflect the “rapid increase in the number of packages” and proposes “short-term and long-term measures to address the resulting workload issues for employees.”

A spokesperson for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) confirmed the receipt of new employer offers on Wednesday night. The union, however, refrains from commenting on them before its negotiators have deepened their analysis of the proposals.

These counter-offers were filed two weeks later than those of CUPW, which claims wage increases of 3.5% per year. The Crown Corporation had previously offered annual increases of 1.5%.

Canada Post did not specify the new rate proposed. But in terms of wage disparity between urban factors and those working outside cities, it is claimed to have gone even further than the conciliator’s recommendation.



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