Naked man swims with sharks at Toronto Aquarium

A man wearing nothing but a big smirk spent a few minutes swimming with sharks in the largest tank at the Ripley Aquarium in downtown Toronto on Friday.

A one-minute video posted on YouTube shows the man undressing and diving into the Dangerous Lagoon, a 2.9-million-liter tank that allows viewers to watch dozens of marine animals.

On this same video, we then see the naked man breaststroke on the surface of the water while the sharks swim a few inches from his feet.

Security later asked the man to get out of the water and leave. The man approached the edge and seemed to acquiesce to the officers’ requests, but at the last second he plunged back into the reservoir, according to Jenifferjit Sidhu, spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service.

The man went to visit the sharks at the Toronto Aquarium. Photo: karlzway / YouTube
The man went to visit the sharks at the Toronto Aquarium. Photo: karlzway / YouTube

Erinn Acland, who was at the aquarium at the time of the incident, said he heard a “big splash”. She thought the fish were being fed until she saw a pair of buttocks.

“The guy seemed totally relaxed, but there were sharks everywhere! She told CBC Toronto. “I thought I was going to witness his death! ”

Security on the spot had to call the police.

Before the police arrived, the man got out of the water, put on his clothes and left the aquarium. No animals were injured, according to Ms. Sidhu.

Police opened an investigation into the incident. CBC Toronto attempted to reach the Ripley Aquarium, but received no response.

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