Ingénue, the music the world has been asking for and rising fast

This is the “voice amongst the silence”. This is the music the world has been asking for.

“And when you are alone and needing guidance, and when all the hope is faded quiet” rises an emblematic track to guide you through life, love, and the dreams and trust. The things that hold everything together as we know it. (Because somehow it just does). The things that make our heart worth living and bleeding more. With the wisdom of the old soul, wrapped in youthful vocals, this track is bigger than the both of us. And yet, with careful precision, unstripped, authentic and poetically orchestrated it brings a smile to my face. Simple like a mantra, the cords smooth over the spaces, filling the spaces with warmth and a little bit of home. The only critic was feeling dropped right into the next track without being able to let go of the other. That transition felt a little harsh. Nice beat, yet misplaced. Clearly, this artist can’t wait to share more of herself in the world… (can’t exactly hold that against her).

Ingénue is a simple, humble, love-the-world, new album by Zayed Hassan with a repertoire that’s positive, enlightened, catchy, and inspirational. Reflective, easy listening, with just the right amount of groove to entice the listener back into their body and into their heart. To first loves, true loves, real love, deep love and all its incantations, celebrations, and all the coming alive that lives in between. Captured in 5 simple complexions that belong on your summer playlist. (And your dark day one too).

Pretty as a butterfly that’s found its wings and taking its first flight into the world, Mi Mariposa is another infectious track, that sounds too familiar in the good kind of way. The kind of familiar of instant knowing and re-connection to something that feels like a part of you (that might way even lost its way). By now, the fast transitions into the next track are no longer a hold-me-back card, but a melodious explosion of the artist’s’ soul. Not to mention the depth of her heart and her art.

This album is definitely going to “make it shine”. And seeing that this literally just exploded into the Universe (yup – it’s just hit the airwaves) in a way that makes this SuperNova smile. And that’s just a flair, a dangle, a reflection of what this dynamic little album packs between its covers. For everything else – there’s the music.

“If you don’t find a way then create it. And if we create it, then we can make it better”

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And for that, a special mention goes to Ana Clara Alves Ribeiro, who is so determined to be a lyricist in the future. “And the whole album is based on her lyrics, as she felt about it! To be honest, I think she’s already there. ” shares her management.

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