Social Media Promoted Nicotine For A New Generation

Social media promoted nicotine for a new generation. Major e-cigarette company Juul Labs has attempted to dissociate itself from an expansive social media existence that specialists say propels its vogue among teens. However, a CNN probe casts a contemporary light on how company was motivating and at times disbursing for social media users to encourage its nicotine loaded product to thousands of its followers.

One of these users was Brooklyn-based Christina Zayas, 36, who is fully employed out of being a social media expert since 2015: assessing products, modeling for photos, and administering her own marque of style. She said that brands were ultimately saying that there is a budget. Would she be really interested in doing this?

In September 2017, she was summoned to a crusade featuring Juul. The email arrived from a consultant marketing company called Lumanu with which she worked on several social media campaigns. An agent asked her to try Juul’s “premium e-cigarette and portion her experience on her blog saying it was a chance to work together over many months.

Zayas said that they liked her edgy style and that allured to the younger market. Zayas, who has been an intermittent cigarette smoker, did not share a good experience withe-cigarettes earlier but found Juul elementary to use and she enjoyed the flavors. She had tried it a week before Lumanu contacted her.

When Juul approached her initially she was a little doubtful as even though it was her brand she could do with it whatever she wanted. She appended that is she going to get counterblast because she is speaking about smoking.

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