Google Home Leads Smart Speaker IQ Test For Second Consecutive Year

Google Home leads Smart Speaker IQ test for second consecutive year directed by Loup Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm. The Google Assistant, which controls the search giant’s speaker, had the capacity to answer the greater part of the 800 real-world queries presented to the four noteworthy smart speakers in the market, including Apple HomePod (Siri), Amazon Echo (Alexa), Harmon Kardon Invoke (Microsoft Cortana).

Despite the fact that Google’s Assistant had the ability to hold its position, the rivals like Alexa and Cortana have indicated significant improvements. Apple HomePod, which achieved the customers not long ago, was excluded in the company’s last Smart Speaker IQ Test.

As per Loup Ventures, Google Assistant saw every one of the questions that it was solicited and addressed 88 percent from them accurately. It was trailed by Apple Siri, which misconstrued 3 questions and accomplished a 75 percent exactness in replying.

Amazon’s Echo handled the third spot by not having the capacity to get a handle on 8 questions and effectively noting 73 percent of them. The Invoke keen speaker with Cortana properly addressed 63 percent and misconstrued only 5 questions.  

In 2017, Google Home had the ability to answer 81 percent of the questions precisely versus Alexa at 64 percent and Cortana at 56 percent. In a different test done by the firm in February this year, Siri had addressed 52 percent of the questions accurately.

This information plainly demonstrates Apple has hugely enhanced Siri’s execution on the HomePod with Cortana and Alexa likewise getting a nice knock. Among different learnings, Siri was observed to outflank Google Assistant in reacting to directions, while the Apple associate failed to meet expectations in data and trade related questions.

Describing the methodology of the testing, Loup Ventures uncovered that it solicited a similar set from questions to every smart speaker. The questions went a wide assortment of points in five categories commerce, local, information, command and navigation. The firm got the second generation of the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers.  

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