Stress Anxiety Should Not Pull You Down This Holiday Season

Stress Anxiety should not pull you down this holiday season. December is the last and the most hectic month of the year. Since you are mega busy, you might feel ill-tempered and worn out and your agenda list may seem lengthy in passage of time.  Your hands seem damp and sticky, and you might not be able sleep soundly at night. To recompense you are using your coffee pot more than you usually do. That makes you agitated. Your heart beats have increased and you eventually have an acute stomach pain. You comprehend that it may just be stress or is it anxiety? What’s the difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress is your body’s answer to a particular event and once the event or stress is done with your side effects disappear. Anxiety is inclined to stay and sometimes needs cure with medications to make those traits halt. While some quantity of stress can be contemplated fit and provokes us to labor on rendering the stress to disappear, an uncurbed amount of stress can accompany to anxiety.

And if left unaddressed anxiety procures to detrimental habits such as smoking, over indulging in food, engrossing in hazardous behaviors such as utilizing illegitimate drugs or exceedingly taking in alcohol. The indications of anxiety involve the above as well as almost eternal disturbed, overwhelmed perception or having complication focusing. Sometimes, indications of anxiety can involve chest pressure or compactness a feeling of choking, stomach ache or nausea.

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