Home News Frost Causes Delay in Round 1 of 2023 PGA Championship

Frost Causes Delay in Round 1 of 2023 PGA Championship

Frost Causes Delay in Round 1 of 2023 PGA Championship

Delay Causes Frustration for Golf Fans and Players Alike

The 2023 PGA Championship got off to a chilly start on Thursday morning, as frost delayed the start of the first round at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. The delay was prompted by overnight temperatures that dipped below freezing, leaving the greens and fairways covered in frost.

2023 PGA Championship

Golf fans and players alike were left frustrated by the delay, which pushed back tee times by several hours. Many had been eagerly anticipating the tournament, which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious events in the sport.

Spectators huddled together in the stands, bundled up against the cold as they waited for play to begin. Meanwhile, golfers could be seen practicing their swings on the driving range, eager to get the tournament underway.

PGA Officials Work to Get Course Ready for Play

Despite the frustrating delay, PGA officials worked diligently to get the course ready for play as quickly as possible. Groundskeepers were seen using specialized equipment to remove frost from the greens and fairways, while officials monitored the temperature and weather conditions to determine when it would be safe to resume play.

At around 10:30 am local time, officials announced that the first round would officially begin at noon. This gave golfers and fans alike some time to warm up and prepare for the tournament ahead.

Frost Delays Not Uncommon in Early Rounds of Major Tournaments

While the frost delay was certainly an inconvenience for those involved, it was not entirely unexpected. Frost delays are not uncommon in the early rounds of major tournaments, particularly those played in cooler climates or during the early spring.

In fact, just last year, the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia was delayed due to frost on the final day of play. While such delays can be frustrating, they are ultimately a small price to pay for the opportunity to watch the world’s best golfers compete on some of the most challenging courses in the world.

Despite the initial setback, golf fans can rest assured that the 2023 PGA Championship will be a thrilling tournament from start to finish, with plenty of drama and excitement yet to come.


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