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Affordable Luxury Travel Ideas

Affordable Luxury Travel Ideas

Finding ways to spend money less frequently is one of the best tips for spending money smartly. If you are trying to save some cash, then why not look into luxury travel experiences? These are by no means necessary if you don’t want them, but they can be fun and cost-effective!

There are many different types of luxury vacations that do not require very much money to enjoy. For example, a stay at a five star hotel with premium services like room service or spa treatments will give you luxurious accommodations without breaking the bank.

The trick is to know what to expect before booking so that you aren’t disappointed. While some elites may overstate the level of luxury in their marketing materials, there are always some perks included in the price tag! Some of these include private check-in rooms, house wines, snacks, breakfast, etc. – all free of charge.

Here are our top 10 expensive luxury vacation ideas that are totally worth it! Read on for more information and comments from our readers.

Boutique hotels

One of the ways to enjoy luxury travel is by staying in boutique or small-scale accommodations. These are not your typical chain hotel experiences, where they’re very clear about what services they offer and how expensive their rooms are.

Boutique hotels keep control over the quality of service and experience for guests. They may have less staff, but they make sure every person in the house feels like part of the family!

These types of hotels are usually one to two stories tall with less than five room numbers. Sometimes there are only windows as decorations, no doors which makes them feel more private. Some even lack televisions so you don’t get distracted by media while resting after a day full of activities.

There can be some limitations to these types of hotels such as being limited to just certain seasons or times frames, or having minimal availability during those timeframes. This is totally okay though because you will probably be informed ahead of time if that happens so you can look into other options.

Online shopping

Affordable luxury travel ideas

Beyond buying new clothes or grabbing the latest smartphone, online shopping is one of the newer ways to spend money while traveling. With the right sites, you can find just about anything!

Many people have made a career off of marketing products through online stores. This doesn’t always mean the product is cheap nor does it usually signify that it’s good quality, but it will almost always be affordable.

There are many websites out there that offer great discounts by joining their “club” or “team”. Most of these clubs don’t cost too much extra per year membership, which makes it very accessible for travelers who want more savings than just dropping cash at the airport.

By adding some basic items to your cart from an online store, they may deliver the item directly to your home or office (which saves you time) or send a shipping service provider to pick up the goods for you (more tips here).

This article will talk more in depth about how to use online shopping as part of your budget travel planning.

Buy luxury items

Affordable luxury travel ideas

While traveling is expensive, you can still stay in luxurious accommodations at a lower price level. Do not worry about looking flashy or wealthy when you travel. If your goal is to experience the destination, then staying in high-end hotels or eating at top restaurants is totally fine!

Many people begin budgeting for their trip after they have already traveled somewhere and want more of the same experiences they had before. By buying pre-paid gift cards for popular sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Maps, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having rich experiences without spending too much money.

Designer clothes

Affordable luxury travel ideas

While traveling is not necessarily considered a wealthy activity, spending money to enjoy yourself is! If you love looking at pretty things, then it makes sense to invest in some beautiful wardrobe pieces or get organized with your current wardrobe.

Designer clothing is expensive, of course, but there are ways to spend smartly on fashionable outfits. Many people begin investing in designer fashion as young adults, buying simple dresses and pants that have been re-styled and re-designed into more chic looks.

The trick is to buy from sellers who cater to experienced shoppers. Buying direct from designers can cost many times what buying through large retailers costs, so make sure to research your vendors before bidding up!

There are several websites where you can find pre-loved high quality designer items for very affordable prices.


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