Amazon’s New Delivery Method: No Box, No Address


Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is experimenting with a new way to deliver packages to its customers without using a box or knowing their address. The company is testing a feature that allows Prime members to send gifts to their friends and family using only their phone number or email address. The recipients can then choose where and when they want to receive their packages, or exchange them for a gift card of equal value.


How Does It Work?

The new gift-giving feature is only available for Prime members in the continental United States, and only when they use the Amazon mobile app. When they select a gift, they can choose to add a gift receipt and enter the recipient’s phone number or email address instead of their mailing address. The gift-giver will not see where the recipient lives, and the recipient will not see who sent them the gift until they accept it.

The recipient will receive a notification from Amazon asking them to approve the gift and provide their delivery address. They can also choose to exchange the gift for a gift card or donate it to charity. If the recipient does not respond within 14 days, the gift will be automatically canceled and refunded to the gift-giver.

What Are the Benefits?

Amazon claims that this feature will make gift-giving easier and more convenient for its customers, especially during the holiday season. It will also reduce packaging waste and carbon emissions by eliminating unnecessary boxes and shipping labels. According to Amazon, more than 100 million items sold on its platform are eligible for this feature, including books, toys, electronics, clothing, and more.

The company also says that this feature will provide more privacy and security for both the gift-giver and the recipient. The gift-giver will not have to ask for or store the recipient’s address, and the recipient will not have to share their address with strangers. The feature will also prevent unwanted gifts from reaching the recipient’s doorstep, such as prank or spam orders.

What Are the Concerns?

However, not everyone is happy with this new feature. Some customers have expressed their worries about receiving unwanted or inappropriate gifts from people they do not know or trust. They also fear that this feature could be used by stalkers, harassers, or scammers to target them or their loved ones. Some customers have also complained that they cannot opt out of this feature or block certain numbers or email addresses from sending them gifts.

Additionally, some customers have raised questions about the quality and authenticity of the gifts they receive through this feature. They wonder if they will receive damaged, defective, or counterfeit products that are not covered by Amazon’s return policy or warranty. They also worry that they will miss out on some of the benefits of receiving gifts in a box, such as unwrapping them, reading personalized notes, or seeing surprise elements.

How to Use It?

If you are interested in trying out this new feature, you will need to be an Amazon Prime member and use the Amazon mobile app. You can find eligible products by looking for the “Send as a Gift” option on the product page or in your cart. You can then enter the recipient’s phone number or email address and add a gift receipt if you wish. You can also track your gift status on your orders page.

If you receive a notification from Amazon that someone has sent you a gift, you will need to open it and follow the instructions to accept it. You can choose where and when you want to receive your gift, exchange it for a gift card, or donate it to charity. You can also see who sent you the gift and send them a thank you note if you want.

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