Apple MacBook Air 2022 – Apple Predicted 70 lakh MacBook sales by the end of 2022

Apple MacBook Air

Apple, which has been launching new products in the market from time to time, has announced that it will launch its brand new MacBook Air 2022 model this year. Apple products have a huge fan base around the world. To confirm if the new Mac model with the M Series chipset is about to be released.

The first half of 2022 is almost over and the second half will see sales of 6-7 million units, according to a media release. Analyst Ming-Chi Guo has released a forecast of how much this model will sell. Based on the WWDC 2202 keynote this model is expected to be available in a few colors in addition to the existing MacBooks that are about to be released. But analyst Guo said Apple has already stated that this particular model will not be available in multiple colors.

Apple MacBook Air

Speaking to reporters about Apple’s MacBook Air 2002 last Sunday, he said that whatever color palette is right for this model is being used. Guo has confirmed that this new MacBook Air will be released in the same signature colors as the existing Apple MacBook. But people are expecting the MacBook to be available in different colors. So it is arguable that intoxicants of choice run the taste in MacBook Air. Already the MacBook Space comes in two colors, Gray and Silver. It is currently expected to be introduced in Gold and Blue.

Macbook Air 2022 Cost

Last year Apple released two new MacBooks. Its base price was over ₹ 100,000. Predictions are also being made about how much the MacBook Air 2022 will cost. Not only that but many are eagerly awaiting what other features will be in the MacBook Air that will be released in this new M Series chipset. Such is the expectation that a surprising estimate has been released that 70 lakh MacBooks will be sold in the next six months.

There was a problem with supply and delivery last year as not enough units were produced. It is expected that this year the MacBook will overcome all that problems and be ready to meet the demand of the customers.


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