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We have a team of 5 web masters along with 10+ content writers from the different parts of the world. We cover news from all the categories in different timezones. Read about of web masters and their qualifications.

Spruce Tribune Team

Henry Brown – Founder of Spruce Tribune

Henry Brown Spruce Tribune

As a freelancer and writer, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on projects for a wide range of brands from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you need help with your social media, e-commerce, blog, or website content, I can help!

Contact – henry@sprucetribune.com

Billy Barnes – Co-Founder of Spruce Tribune

Billy Barnes Spruce Tribune

I am a full-time eCommerce SEO specialist. I can provide my clients with complete packages, tailored for their needs. I specialize in building up a client’s business using a multitude of methods. These include: On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Keyword Research, Link Building, Article Writing, Article Submission, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many more! I also offer my services as an SEO Agency to a large number of local and national clients.

Contact – billy@sprucetribune.com

Benjamin Coleman – Senior Content Manager

Benjamin Coleman Spruce Tribune

I am a graduate of the University of Miami, where I studied Marketing. I hold an MBA from the University of Maryland. I currently live in South Florida, but am originally from New Jersey.

I am a writer/editor/proofreader/seo consultant who focuses on social media, SEO, and web content. I also help businesses understand and implement social media marketing.

Contact – benjamin@sprucetribune.com

Steven Ross – Content Manager

Steven Ross Spruce Tribune

I started building websites for small businesses. I started getting more creative, building websites for big brands. I built a portfolio, and after a year or so, landed a position as a full stack web developer at a Fortune 500 company.

Contact – steven@sprucetribune.com

Sandra Washington – Content Manager

Sandra Washington Spruce Tribune

My background is in SEO and I provide services for businesses of all sizes in many different industries. My primary goal is to make sure your website gets found when people are looking for what you sell. I help build websites, fix websites, and write content. I’m passionate about helping businesses succeed.

Contact – sandra@sprucetribune.com