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Budget-friendly Honeymoon Ideas

Budget-friendly Honeymoon Ideas

Finding a place to spend your honeymoon can be tough! There are so many things that cost money, like hotel rooms, wedding ceremonies, receptions, drinks, dinner, etc.

If you do not have a lot of money for a vacation, there is an easy solution to find your dream destination! Instead of spending lots of money on expensive flights, hotels, and activities, you can explore the world through tourism by staying at popular tourist destinations or traveling during off season.

There are several ways to save money while exploring the globe via tourism, which include finding cheap flights, taking public transportation, staying in budget friendly accommodations, eating food from the local area, and shopping around. All of these strategies will help you enjoy your trip without breaking the bank!

This article will discuss some fun ideas to take advantage of off season travel to relax and recharge before your next big adventure.

Pay in advance for things such as tickets and extra food

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

It is totally fine to spend money now, but you should know how to budget well. If possible, it is better to pay in advance than buying them online or at a expensive store that may not have any discounts.

Many sites offer great deals by offering reward points or even credit card rewards for spending certain amounts. For example, a restaurant might give one dollar per bag of chips as an incentive to buy snacks there!

By doing this, they are giving you incentives to eat there, which helps their business. Websites like Amazon do the same with gift cards, making it easy to find something else you want or need soon after.

Consider using a credit card for spending money

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

Another way to spend less is to use a credit card! Credit cards with no annual fees are your best bet if you want to keep track of all of your spending habits.

Some people may feel that it’s too easy to rack up debt, but having a credit card can be a very good thing.

It gives you access to cash so you don’t have to worry about putting more money in your wallet every time you run out of something. You will however need to make sure you understand how credit cards work and what kind of rewards you get back for using them.

You also have to consider whether or not there is reward program coverage where you live. Some locations offer strong rewards, while others do not.

But regardless, a credit card is a great tool to have when planning a vacation.

Do not go on a big shopping spree

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

It is totally acceptable to treat yourself to a night out or dinner at your favorite restaurant after you get married, but do not go on a major spending spree.

Many couples spend lots of money on expensive vacations or new furniture or a houseboat during their engagement. These are all lovely things that cost a lot of money, but they are not necessary expenses for newlyweds.

You do not need a roomy house with an attached garage and enough space in the back yard for a swimming pool. You also do not have to invest in international travel gear such as fancy duffle bags and passports.

These are beautiful additions to your collection, but they are not essential wedding purchases.

Eat and drink your way around the city

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

This is not a holiday for budget hawks! If you’re looking to enjoy every penny of your hard earned money, then staying at a high end hotel with expensive breakfast options or snacks in their restaurant might be your style.

If you like overpriced food and drinks that taste more like plastic than flavor, there are many ways to stay within budget while still having an experience worth talking about.

Many hotels offer “dinner and a night” packages where you can eat before sleep or even join them for dinner as well. Some even have cooking classes or culinary experiences included in the price of your room!

For those times when you do want to treat yourself, most major cities have enough sites that give away free (or very cheap) food to visit. Check out Chinatowns, downtown areas, or anywhere lots of people gather – this will probably include a market area too!

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a good time, and eating and drinking is one of the best parts of any trip.

Visit famous tourist attractions

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

Visiting popular tourism sites is a great way to spend your time while you’re on vacation. Most of these destinations have free or low cost tours that focus on more in depth sightseeing than just rushing around taking pictures, and many offer coupons and/or tasters for their services.

Some may even be able to hook you up with cheap lodging as well! It’s hard to beat having a good night’s sleep and exploring some new areas when you’re traveling.

Many major tourism sites also offer online booking tools so you can book without going into any stores. You can search by date and time slots, find out what tickets are available, and add it to your cart from there.

These sites also usually accept credit cards which is very helpful since most places require them to secure your payment.

Try new dishes

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

Believe it or not, creating your own wedding meal is less expensive than having someone else make it for you. If you have a favorite restaurant that does great things like grilled chicken pasta bowls, then BYO (Bring Your Own)!

You can take some of the fresh ingredients they provide and mix them up to create something unique and delicious for your guests. Add in some good table settings and snacks and you’ve got yourself a nice start to what will be a lovely night!

Having people come to your wedding may cost a little bit money, but if you are willing to do some research and find recipes and tips, you can save a lot of money!

Another way to reduce costs is by hosting the reception at a location that isn’t as expensive. Many churches offer their facilities free of charge during off hours so why not give away the space and keep the investment low?

General decorations such as bunting, flowers, and white balloons are also inexpensive and easy to source online and from stores.

Stay indoors as much as possible

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

Most hotels offer free in-room internet, so you can stay connected while you surf the web or watch some TV. They may even have a pool to enjoy!

Most hotel rooms contain at least an ottoman or two, which are great for stretching out on. If there’s not one already, get one that is easy to cover with your clothes because you will probably be laying down quite a bit.

There are many ways to spend time outside of the room during your trip, but staying indoor as much as possible is a good first step. You can also keep refreshments such as towels and washcloths close by.

These things help reduce waste slightly.

Take a walking tour

budget-friendly honeymoon ideas

A great way to spend time together while exploring a new city is by taking a guided walk through the area. These tours can be done at any time, even during non-tour hours so you do not have to worry about finding something to do after arriving in town!

There are many companies that offer this service, but none more popular than The Tour Shop. They have several different itinerary types for all levels of tourists. Some are even free!

The cost per person typically includes transportation, entry fees, and snacks or drinks, depending on the type of tour. This is also very budget friendly as only one expense is involved!

City walks vary widely as well. Some are focused on culture, food, or just getting familiar with the area. There is no wrong choice unless you do not like certain things asked around for tips or it becomes too expensive due to long distances traveled.

These experiences can easily be done within your budget if you know of a good company with excellent services.


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